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Do You Have a Product to Sell?

If you need to move forward in the FIlm, Cable, Music, Online, or Pay-Per-View industry, or Publicity; we can help. Once You are Successful and Make Some Real-Money, you can MOVE ON to a Big Rep. But as a Newcomer...

Phalanx Media Consulting is the Perfect Fit.


Our Staff has over two dozen produced & distributed Feature Films under their belts, as well as numerous Music Events with Grammy Winning Superstars, and even 60+ Stage Productions & Festivals too. 

We Charge Less because We Produce,

Not Because we're inexperienced.

Talent is Not Enough

Many People Have Talent!

And Many People Have Drive!

But, this industry is Saturated with Projects!

Projects by equally Talented People as You.

And Most of them Never Go Anywhere!

Talent & Drive is NOT ENOUGH!

You NEED Connections in the media- and a Team.

A Team to Help Make YOU and Your Project Look GOOD!

Phalanx Media Consulting Focuses on You & Your Projects, as a supportive, informative, experienced Entry Level Team.

A Startup-Team that You can Afford. That will get you the Publicity you need.

Members of our Staff have been instrumental in the Launching Numerous Careers & Media Movements; including:... The Asylum (Sharknado), Sketch-Improv, the SyFy "Mega-Creature movies", the "Mockbuster" trend, Chicago Theater, "Women in the Industry", plus star empowerment including Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Bob Odenkirk.


As an Entertainment Agency, we Help Launch Talented Peoples Careers!

We Start Movements that Others Follow!

We Charge Short-Term or Hourly... Not Monthly

Publicists Charge in Huge Blocks of thousands of dollars in advance - and Managers want you to Work for them, on their projects (to rewrite scripts for Free), or being signed on as your producer, & thus control your projects - 

We Charge in a Package deal, (or by the Hour on a Retainer), & we don't charge for things that will not lead you towards your Goals. 

You can begin with us for as low as $100

We Know. We've Been There!


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